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Our Fleet

Bulk fuel transportation is a highly-regulated, complex industry; we simplify it by delivering what you need when you need it. No exceptions, no excuses – just reliable service.

Our fleet of industry-leading equipment guarantees that your tanks never run dry.


It includes:

  • 75+ trucks

  • 140+ bulk trailers

Satellite-equipped trucks to ensure instant contact and continual information flow.

We have recently upgraded several of our vehicles. Many trucks now include advanced technology such as mDrive, which increases efficiency, safety, and payload. Our modern, rigorously-maintained fleet is able to handle your fuel delivery needs and ensure quick, professional delivery of each load.

ARG’s fleet is operated by the most knowledgeable, skilled drivers in the bulk fuel transportation industry. Meticulously trained and duly certified by the US Department of Transportation and other relevant agencies, our drivers put safety and professionalism first. We strive every day to prove why ARG is the petroleum carrier of choice for customers throughout the Northeastern United States, Quebec, and Ontario.

Get started today! Contact ARG for more information.

Enlist the service of the best bulk petroleum carrier in the Northeastern United States.

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