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ARG Trucking

When your customers depend on you for timely, professional fuel service, you need a partner who can help you deliver. ARG, a leading bulk petroleum transporter, is committed to ensuring our valued customers maintain steady, sufficient fuel supplies to meet the needs of their dynamic, fast-paced businesses. Service stations, manufacturing plants, home heating suppliers, and other bulk businesses rely on ARG’s unflagging professionalism, prompt delivery, and exceptional service to get the job done.

Carrier of Choice. Employer of Choice.

With ARG’s inclusive fuel transportation services, you can effectively and efficiently control your inventory. We handle: Light oil products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, racing gas, ethanol, and biofuels, and propane (liquefied petroleum gas); heavy oil products, including liquid asphalt, #4 oil, and #6 oil, inventory-controlled deliveries; call-and-demand transportation services, fleet truck acquisitions and will assume responsibility for delivery requirements, and cross-border delivery.

ARG drivers take every step – and then the next one – to mitigate risk and increase safety when transporting all fuel products. Our drivers must undergo rigorous, continual training, and maintain all safety certifications required by the Department of Transportation, Canadian Fuels Association, and other relevant authorities.

No vehicle or driver leaves our lots and terminals unless we are confident in their skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Our customers deserve nothing less.

ARG is proud to serve customers throughout the northeastern United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. When you rely on fuel for your business, you can rely on ARG to get it there, on time, every time.

ARG Trucking Takes Home 1st Place in Safety!

Enlist the service of the best bulk petroleum carrier in the north eastern United States. Get started today! Contact ARG for more information.

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